Becoming familiar with security procedures will help in preventing the need to file a claim and also assist in keeping your truck insurance and cargo insurance in good standing. A major decrease in the chance of loss being incurred is accomplished by having control of the cargo at all times. Here is a list of helpful procedures to follow.

When the goods are being loaded into the truck make sure that you are present. Calculate what time you should arrive at your destination and have someone contact you if you do not arrive on time. Make sure that the loading area and route are clear of any obstacles.

Closely watch the area in which your truck is being loaded for suspicious individuals loitering around as criminal acts usually begin by surveying the origin of pick up. Follow all instructions given to you by your transportation company in regards to stopping and parking. Never leave animals unattended if you are transporting them in an open truck.

Keep all doors and panels on your truck locked and secured at all times. Remain in contact with dispatch as you complete your route and avoid any impulsive stops along the way.

Park in a safe yard or highly regarded truck stop if you have to make a stop. Look for areas with video surveillance and avoid high crime regions. All equipment should be turned off and all doors and access panels secured before leaving the rig.

It is never a good idea to leave an extra set of keys in your truck. Check on all sides of your truck and load to confirm that nothing is wrong. Having an emergency number and the number of dispatch with you at all times will be helpful in the event of an emergency.

Upon arriving at your destination, record and report the time of arrival and the location. Keep an eye on the cargo as it is unloaded so you can report any damage caused by carelessness. Validate that the person signing for the cargo is the authorized recipient.

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