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Increasingly and rightly so, general liability insurance is becoming mandatory across the trucking industry because it offers so much value in the form of risk protection. General liability coverage offers payment for property damages or injuries that result from business activities unrelated to truck operation. Accidents can happen even when a truck is not being operated, and general liability insurance offers you the opportunity to recognize that need and to guard against it. Trucking companies face numerous risks, and general liability insurance coverage is there to help reduce that risk.

Although many people often focus on the dangerous nature of driving a truck, there are other risks that lead to unfortunate costs and headaches for truck drivers and trucking companies. There is where general liability insurance comes in, affording you the chance to evaluate your potential risks and to put a plan into action to protect you. Some examples of general liability claims can include fires on rental property, driver actions while on business (like at truck stops or loading docks), failure to properly deliver products that leads to damage, or a customer falling and getting injured on your property.

Typical inclusions in a general liability insurance policy are bodily injury, personal and advertising injury liability, medical payments, and products. General liability insurance should be purchased in conjunction with primary liability coverage to provide optimal protection. Determining the appropriate amounts and policy types is critical and can be done with the assistance of trucking insurance professionals. When included with other types of trucking insurance policies to protect the driver and the trucks, general liability insurance coverage is an important risk protection component for the business itself.

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