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Since there are several different types of insurance coverage for truckers and trucking companies, it can be confusing to differentiate the types of policies. Two types of trucking insurance that are often misunderstood include non trucking liability and bobtail insurance.

Non trucking liability is in place to offer protection for the owner/operator of a truck from liability claims from an accident when the vehicle was not being used for business purposes. This coverage also shields the owner/operator whether a trailer was in tow at the time or not. Non trucking liability might also be called contingent liability. While other types of trucking insurance afford protection during incidents of collision or damages to the vehicle from business use, non trucking liability extends that coverage to offer comprehensive protection for the owner and operator. Primary liability coverage will deny claims of damages related to incidents where the truck was not being used for business purposes, which can lead to high expenses in truck repairs for an owner or operator. Non trucking liability is also vital because it can provide coverage for medical expenses and damages to the vehicle of the other party.

Bobtail insurance, on the other hand, covers a truck in times of business or personal use without a trailer in tow. The name of the insurance refers to the practice of using a truck without a trailer attached, and this can provide valuable protection in the event of an accident or damage. Trucking accidents can and do happen often when a trailer is not in tow, and bobtail insurance helps to close that gap and ensure that a driver is protected regardless of their purposes in using the truck at the time of the accident. For many drivers, having bobtail insurance in place helps to protect them between their trucking loads.

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