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Physical damage is another important consideration for truck drivers purchasing comprehensive coverage to help protect them against the dangers and risks of operating a truck. Physical damage refers to straight vehicle protection, and it can include fire and theft with combined additional coverage, comprehensive insurance, or collision insurance.

Fire and theft with combined additional coverage does not cover any windshield claims, and it’s limited to insurance for non-collision related accidents. Comprehensive insurance affords coverage to truck drivers whose vehicles are stolen, as well as those vehicles damaged by something beyond a collision with an object or vehicle. Comprehensive insurance can help give you peace of mind that you’re covered from damage from multiple types of incidents, since it’s broader than traditional physical damage policies. Finally, collision insurance refers to protect for the vehicle following damages from an accident. The collision insurance pays for the costs to repair or replace the vehicle when that truck collides with another objects, rolls, or overturns.

If the vehicle is leased, it’s likely required that some form of physical damage insurance be maintained on the vehicle. While it’s not legally required to maintain physical damage insurance on a truck that you own, it can help to save you thousands of dollars in the event of a costly incident which renders the truck inoperable. All drivers and fleets should obtain physical damage insurance, since the costs of truck repairs and replacements can be extremely expensive. Determining the proper deductible and amount of coverage for the vehicle in question is important for getting the proper level of protection in place. Working with trucking insurance experts who have years in the business is one way to ensure that you’re getting an appropriate level of coverage for physical damage.

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