The Trucking Insurance industry is a huge part of the national economy everyday. Safety features that are utilized by truck drivers can enable them to have discounts on their insurance policy. Because of this many research is being done to discover new accident prevention technologies.

Brakes being applied to one or more tires to help the truck regain control after it is lost are called the Electronic Stability Control system or ESC. Advancements are being made on this system using steering input combined with throttle and braking control, to create the ESC II.

Pre-collision systems are available on selective expensive cars, and they possibly will be adjusted to fit a truck’s size. Other vehicles that are about to cause accidents are sensed and then certain system features are activated to help minimize or stop the collision.

Regulation of speed and control of the distance between the truck and other vehicles can be obtained by utilizing an adaptive cruise control system. This system will activate the brake and throttle systems as the truck comes upon another vehicle to ensure that proper distance is maintained between them.

Lane departure warning systems are currently being tested to prevent drowsy drivers or those that are not paying attention to the road, from veering out of their lane and causing an accident. Cameras are installed on the truck to sense the lines and markings on the road and then signal the alarm system if the truck leaves its lane.

Firm quick pressure being applied to the brake pedal could possibly be a signal that the driver is trying to avoid a collision. A brake assist system will perceive this and activate the braking system and maximize the braking capability to avoid the collision.

Advances in accident prevention technologies will benefit the truck driver and the trucking insurance provider. The driver will have further peace of mind that they will have less risk of being in or more protection during an accident. Insurance providers reap the benefit of the decreased probability of expensive claims being filed.

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